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A Series & A+ Engine number decoder

This page will attempt to decode your engine number to give the original specification of the engine and gearbox.

   Engine Number   


   Guessworks Feature Product - Idler Gear Thrust washer - A+ 0.145 - 0.146 thou - oversized   
Specially made Idler Gear Thrust washer - A+ 0.145 - 0.146 thou.

As cases get older and items wear it is sometimes necessary to either repair a gearbox or put an insert in to the case to recover an over tolerance idler gear end float.
Guessworks has had two oversized shims produced which can recover upto a 0.030" endfloat over the standard which is enough to allow a gearbox or transfer case to be refinished.


£ 15.00 + VAT
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